What Comes After Y?

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What Comes After Y?

Generation Z: Arriving to the Office Soon

A Few Key Take-Aways from the report…

The children of Generation X, Generation Z kids are in grade school and high school today. They will enter the professional workforce by the end of this decade. They value structure and predictability and “get” the online world, yet are easily distracted, and will be challenged navigating face-to-face work relationships. These characteristics suggest they will have different workspace needs than other generations.

Knoll proposes three key workspace opportunities to support Generation Z’s needs:

  • A sense of structure through clear layout and making obvious the purpose of spaces
  • “Enclave” spaces that support blended face-to-face/online meetings
  • “Refuge” spaces that offer space for real-time coaching, and a place that minimizes distractions and encourages focus work when needed1


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