Raising the Bar in Design. For You. For the Environment. For Our Future.

Raising the Bar in Design.
For You and the Environment.

Schott Design is a recognized innovator and market leader in sustainable commercial interior design.

You should expect the best from your design team.  We are committed to the highest quality alongside unwavering excellence in customer service to ensure your satisfaction and success.

Experts in Workplace Strategy, Space Optimization, & Sustainable Design, Schott stands apart for prioritizing client satisfaction.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

– Steve Jobs

Why Schott Design

Our Proven Process


We design for people, not paper. That’s why the beginning of your project is an efficient and thorough investigation into the role that your physical environment plays in your work and culture through interviews and observation.


Our design experts synthesize these discoveries with a focus on identifying opportunities and brainstorming design solutions. We believe that collaboration is the key to the best outcomes.  With that in mind, our process is designed to maximize impact with the most productive touchpoints.


With a strategy in place centering around your business goals, we begin designing plans that clearly illustrate how the agreed-upon tactics can come to life in a way that takes your workplace to the next level. Now we can make it amazing together!

Why should you care?

Did you know: The built environment is the largest contributor to global carbon emissions?

Schott Design is committed to deconstructing and designing “smarter” to drive change in our industry, establish new norms, and establishing new sustainable norms.


CO2 Emmissions

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