Raising the Bar in Design. For You. For the Environment. For Our Future.

Expect more from your designer.  Schott is committed to providing the best in design – creating unique, optimal workplace solutions, that are flexible enough to meet changing needs.  Schott is also recognized as an Industry leader in sustainable design, innovating to provide design solutions that will help you meet your sustainability targets and Carbon Net Zero goals.

Design Services

Design Development

Schott can help you develop the ideal space for your team.  Through data driven analysis and workplace observation, Schott will help you evaluate your current and future needs to determine how your physical environment can enhance and support your productivity and culture.

Space Planning

Keeping your goals and parameters in mind, Schott will develop a creative, effective and flexible workplace for your team.  We design spaces that uniquely fit your needs and objectives, communicate your brand, and ensure maximum return on investment.

Marketing Material

Let Schott help you communicate your vision to other colleagues or prospective tenants with 3D and 360 view renderings, finish boards, and other presentation materials.  Brand design is also something Schott can help create – ask us how!

Furniture / Artwork & Vendor Coordination

If coordinating Furniture (new or old), Artwork and other Vendor services such as AV and Signage seems overwhelming, let us help.  Schott will navigate the selections, timelines and cost factors for all vendor services so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Landlord Strategic Planning

We provide overall building design services including BOMA square footage studies, building portfolio marketing material, field verifications, CAD asbuilt drawings, LEED renovation management, and ADA & building code analyses. As your partner, we offer a wide range of specialized services to help ensure your renovations run efficiently and give you the ROI you are looking for.

Construction Services

Bringing your space to life with interior finishes, casework, lighting, and other design elements is one of the most exciting phases of your project.  Schott will coordinate these final details,  produce certified construction drawings, and coordinate all required building permits so your space can be constructed.  We will act as a liaison between all parties during construction to ensure communication is strong and hurdles are avoided.

Sustainability Consulting Services

Carbon Emission Reduction

As your organization moves toward carbon reduction goals, let Schott help you analyze and track the impact of your renovation(s). We will calculate and analyze the impact of material choice, reduction, reuse, and recycling efforts on every project. We have the expertise to help you manage one project or an entire portfolio and bring visibility to your carbon footprint, highlighting potential and realized reductions.

Waste Diversion

Waste diversion is more than just finding a home for your waste. Schott has the expertise not only to provide reduction and tracking services, but will also develop innovative plans with your team to ensure future projects produce less waste. We are committed to sustainable design practices that put an end to wasteful habits. If you are aiming to reduce waste, let us help you track and plan for a less wasteful future.

Building Renovations Sustainability Review

Schott will oversee your Project(s) to help you meet your waste diversion and carbon reduction goals. We will assess opportunities to reduce, reuse, and recycle,  specify sustainable products with responsible end of life solutions, and evaluate all waste removal options for maximum waste reduction and plan for future needs.

Material Specification Manuals

Whether you are a global organization or just have multiple locations, Schott will work with your team to establish a Corporate Standard for all materials used in new or renovated spaces. Materials will be evaluated and specified according to health and sustainability ratings, ensuring your sustainability and carbon reduction goals are met.

Salvaged Inventory Management

A great way to reduce your carbon and landfill footprint, is to salvage valuable building products that cannot be recycled for future use, such as doors and cabinets. If your building would like to store these items, Schott can keep an inventory of all deconstructed /saved items and specify those products on future projects to meet carbon and waste diversion goals, as well as to ensure you are receiving the maximum ROI.

schottXchange Philosophy

Keeping valuable materials in motion is not only great for the environment, but it is also great for your return on investment! Most discarded building materials are in great condition and have a long life left to live. We facilitate the refurbishment and reuse of quality materials, such as doors and cabinets rescued from previous job sites, with partners who make them available for use on future design projects. Reduce your carbon and landfill footprint, your project costs, and your lead times by donating old and buying renewed products.

Alone we can do so little.
Together we can do so much.

– Helen Keller