Everyone expects great design. What should also be expected is a team focused on bringing you the maximum return on your investment, focused on your goals, attracting and retaining employees, and creating an aesthetically pleasing space that promotes productivity. Our business minded approach places your objectives and budgetary constraints on the table ensuring alignment from the very beginning and certifying success for your project.

We Know What You’re Up Against…

Whether you have a strong vision or not, Schott will work closely with you to understand your goals and create a space that you are excited about.

Schott Design is a market leader in optimal workplace design. With a solid understanding of workplace dynamics, we create productive environments where employees are excited to come to work.

Designing your new space is an exciting process. It should be done in a way that minimizes distractions and stress for your leadership team.  We take your parameters seriously and keep them at the forefront of our project management and design. Our experience allows us to identify potential roadblocks before they occur, which ensures deadlines are met throughout the project. Our extensive experience enables us to manage each project to success.

We Know What You’re Up Against…

We are the experts who have mastered the process of navigating around your current business operations, while guiding your project to the finish line.

Schott has the extensive experience necessary to manage projects smoothly, foreseeing potential hurdles before they arise.

Schott Design is a team of designers and project managers with a business mindset. We understand the business side of your transaction and maintain that focus from inception to completion. We openly and continually communicate with all parties, following through on every item so that you don’t have to.

We make your project’s success our responsibility. When requested, Schott Design will remain fully engaged through the entire process, even through construction. Our active involvement and oversight eliminates the stresses that can accompany large and small projects alike. We are fully committed not only to the success of your project but also to your complete satisfaction.

We Know What You’re Up Against…

As experts in the field, we are knowledgeable about all phases of a project (not just design) and can take over as much of the detailed work as you’d like.

Schott Design will take responsibility for your project’s success and work closely with your team, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

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