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The Built Environment accounts for 40% of global carbon emissions (more than any other industry), and is a leading contributor to landfill waste making it a primary driver to climate change.

The silver lining? It is also the industry with the greatest opportunity to lead change.

Schott is leading the way, committed to making better design and construction choices to reduce carbon emissions and waste to landfill. Join us in our mission!

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

– Ghandhi

The Problem Is Real


Million Tons

The Construction and Demolition Industry is the largest contributor to landfill waste in America, accounting for more than 548 Million Tons every year – 2X that which is generated from Municipal Solid Waste.*


CO2 Emmissions

The Built Environment is the largest contributor to global carbon emissions at 40%. Most of this CO2 emission comes from building operations, maintenance and refurbishing of interior spaces.*



Are already full and closed in Indiana.**

What We’re Doing About It

schottXchange is the foundation and philosophy behind Schott Design’s Carbon Net Zero initiatives for the Built Environment. We are focused on creating circular economy solutions that reduce waste, reduce carbon emissions, and help clients reach their identified carbon goals.

Schott is committed to leading by example and creating scalable processes that will benefit our State, Region and Industry at large. We actively support the use of healthy, sustainable products and continually develop closed loop practices within our industry to ensure a reduced carbon footprint for all.

Specifically, we have established the following programs:

Rethink (Consulting Services)

Whether you want your space to be landfill free and carbon net zero, or simply want to be more green, we have the expertise to help! From national building owners or landlords, to small individual tenants, we can help manage both waste diversion and carbon reduction goals as well as assist with ongoing measures you can take to ensure you are minimizing your carbon footprint. We can also show you why these efforts will have a positive impact on your Return on Investment! Click here to learn more about our consulting services.

Renewed Building Material Service

We facilitate the reuse & renewing of building materials within or between buildings. Schott’s talented designers seek out opportunities for items that cannot be reused in their original space, to enhance the design of future spaces, diverting them from landfill. Before you throw building materials in the landfill, ask us about our consulting services connecting partners that collect & sell refurbished products.  Reduce project costs, reduce waste, reduce carbon emissions, and increase your ROI!

Recycling Standards

Schott has developed recycling standards with contractors and building owners on all projects to ensure that recyclable items are being recycled and not thrown in the landfill. Recycling not only reduces waste, but also reduces your carbon footprint, and often pays a return! We can help you ensure your recyclables are working for you!

Reduction through Redesign

Schott is passionate about specifying materials that are produced in a closed loop (circular) manufacturing process. Keeping materials in motion (not landfilled or incinerated) is important to the reduction of waste and carbon emissions. Schott is collaborating with manufacturers and vendors to ensure that these processes are prioritized and that materials are designed responsibly. Redesign is critical – in all industries – as it will ultimately have the biggest impact on carbon reduction, landfill diversion, and climate reversal.

* Environmental Protection Agency, 2015